Trump says judge is biased because he’s Hispanic

29 February 2016 4:46 pm

The big focus over the last few weeks has been on the lawsuits over Trump University. Actuallyy, it t wasn’t real a university. That’s why it had to change its name to Trump Entrepreneur Institute.

It was basically a seminar program promising to teach students the real estate secrets that turned Trump into a billionaire. Some participants paid as much as $35,000, and got little back for it. So the project drew investigations and lawsuits in at least three states. The university registered as a private company in New York in October 2004. It shut down by 2011.

Needless to say, the “university” has become an issue in the campaign with Marco Rubio declaring that voters will soon be hearing from dissatisfied students, pointing to three separate lawsuits alleging Trump’s school engaged in deceptive practices and scammed students who were looking for success in the real estate market.

"There are people who borrowed $36,000 to go to Trump University, and they're suing now — $36,000 to go to a university that's a fake school," Rubio said. "And you know what they got? They got to take a picture with a cardboard cutout of Donald Trump."

Texas Sen. Ted Cruz jumped in, adding: "It's a fraud case. ... I want you to think about, if this man is the nominee, having theRepublican nominee on the stand in court, being cross-examined about whether he committed fraud."

True to form. Trump has accused the judge presiding over the case of bias. How so? Because he is Hispanic.

"I think the judge has been extremely hostile to me," Trump told Chris Wallace in an interview on "Fox News Sunday." "I think it has to do with the fact I'm very, very strong on the border, and he happens to be extremely hostile to me. We have a very hostile judge. He is Hispanic, and he is very hostile to me."

This circus of the US elections is getting more bizarre by the day.